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Information: Do you have a lot of unnecessary and excess documents? Here at Data Armor, located in Austin, Texas, we provide effective shredding services to ensure the protection of identities and businesses. As a professional paper and document shredding company, we are dedicated to providing information security, destruction, and management to ensure the safety of your personal identity as well as that of your business. We provide a variety of services, such as secure document and data destruction, secure document storage, document scanning, and recycling programs. Regarding our secure document and data destruction service, we shred paper and destroy hard drives. Whether you own a business or are concerned about the security of your personal identity, Data Armor is a professional residential and commercial shredding company dedicated to the security of our customers.

To comply with current laws and regulations, every business is in need of a document storage and shredding company. The importance of information (intel) management via proper destruction and security is crucial in the business world we live in today. If you are looking for a committed, professional company to protect your business, your employees, and your customers from identity and information theft, then our team at Data Armor is your number one option. Despite a large portion of modern businesses being handled over the internet, most identity theft still occurs because of information on paper documents that are thrown in the trash. Data Armor is there for you and your company to provide paper shredding and data shredding. Additionally, we will help you create a plan to put armor on your company's intelligence. Learn More

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